Our relationship with our clients is based on their confidence in the quality and performance of our products. We rate the quality of our product and service by how well they measure up to our clients’ needs and expectations.


ELKAY THREAD has been serving the garment industry of the region with distinction since its inception in 1998.   Read more


A label is essentially a brand and we as a producer realize that a label is so much than a piece of fabric. Read more


We at EMBEE always focus strictly on quality assurance where in our skilled technicians monitor the entire process of button making right from the pouring resin, casting of innovative designs, up to final packing of buttons.   Read more


Have 6 machines with 20 heads each / 9 colors and one sampling machine with 4 heads / 9 colors.        Read more


The ultimate compliance assurance standard for Textile Printing.We believe in green printing and safe environment. Read more


We make staple and glue cartons. Carton printing and slitting is also available.   
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